WHITEsmile teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure where the surface of the tooth is treated with hydrogen peroxide often activated by blue or laser light of the appropriate wavelength in order to obtain lighter shades of the basic color of the tooth. In our office, in order to achieve a better hydrogen peroxide effect on teeth, we use the latest high-power LED bulb from the German manufacturer Fläsh WHITEsmile.

Due to the way the tooth is treated with hydrogen peroxide, there are two types of teeth whitening:

  • External bleaching

  • Internal bleaching of avital teeth

External bleaching

External bleaching is the most commonly sought form of treatment at the request of a patient who wants to brighten their teeth. During the procedure, it is necessary to apply a protective barrier to the gingiva which protects it from the action of peroxide. The whitening procedure is performed by applying 32% hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth we want to whiten, and then activate it for 15 minutes using the Fläsh WHITEsmile lamp. The first results are visible already after removing the gel. It should be noted that this procedure can be repeated two or three times during one visit to achieve the desired results.

Internal bleaching of the avital (dark) tooth

Avital teeth tend to be darkened due to tooth trauma or after endodontic therapy (nerve removal and root canal cleansing). Whitening is done by applying hydrogen peroxide to the outer surface of the tooth and the surface of the inside of the tooth and treat it with the Fläsh WHITEsmile lamp for 15 minutes. And this procedure can be repeated up to 3 times during one visit.

Instructions after teeth whitening

Patients after treatment, in order to protect their teeth and maintain the desired color shade, receive Fläsh Whitening gum paste with 30% xylitol and 15% hydroxyapatite.

Immediately after whitening, the surface of the tooth is still porous and is prone to staining and coloring, so these few tips should be followed 48 hours after whitening to help keep your teeth bright and shiny.

  • Avoid dark drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, black wine or any other colored drink.

  • Foods to be avoided: grapes, tomatoes, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, mustard, ketchup, dark chocolate, ice cream.

  • If you have eaten or drank some of the above-mentioned within the first few days after whitening your teeth, rinse your teeth and rinse your mouth with water immediately.

  • It is also advisable for the first few days to avoid excessively cold and hot food and beverages.

  • Smoking also leaves stains on the teeth.