About us

Sergio Premate, DMD, oral surgeon

He graduated from the Department of Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb.

After finishing college, he returned to Pula to work as a dental practitioner at the Medical Center Pula.

In 1971 he had specialization in oral surgery and worked at the Maxillofacial Clinic of KBC Rijeka and then at the Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic at Šalata in Zagreb.

After the specialization, he returned to Pula where he worked at the Medical Center Pula at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. In 1984 he was appointed director of the Medical Center Pula (today's General Hospital Pula). He performed the duties of director until 1989, when he opened a private dental clinic.

In 1988, the Croatian Medical Association awarded him a diploma in recognition of his contribution to the development of health care services and advancement of the profession and scientific thought in Croatia.



Maja Premate, DMD

After graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, she was employed in the General Hospital of Pula where she worked for 12 years.

In 1989, she opened a private dental clinic with her husband Sergio, where she works even today.

She participated in numerous congresses and courses with the goal of further professional training. She actively uses the Italian, German and English language.



Teo Tomić, DMD

After finishing high school in 2005, he enrolled in Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, where he graduated in 2010 with a thesis titled "Creating Porcelain Veneers". In 2011 he completed his internship and was employed in the Dental Studio Premate. Since then he has been continually professionally training in the country and abroad with special emphasis on dental implantology, prosthetics and endodontics.

In 2016 he enrolled in the Master of Dental Implantology at Università degli Studi di Guglielmo Marconi in Rome.



Tea Premate Tomić, DMD

She began her education in her hometown of Pula where she completed the elementary Italian school Giuseppina Martinuzzi and then general high school. In 2005 she enrolled in Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka, where she received her occupation as doctor of dental medicine in 2010.

In 2013, she was trained to remove wrinkles with hyaluronic acid fillers.

In 2014, after completing her education at King's College in London, she became an authorized representative for the therapy Six Month Smiles with cosmetic orthodontic braces.