Fixed prosthodontics

Fixed prosthodontics include all prosthodontics works that are cemented in the mouth of the patient and cannot be removed, while meeting all necessary functional and aesthetic criteria.

The crown is a prosthodontic substitute that is cemented on a damaged or aesthetically unacceptable tooth.

The metal ceramic crown has a metal base coated with a ceramic layer that ensures the desired natural appearance of the tooth. The main advantage of these crowns is their affordable price compared to the full ceramic crown.

The full ceramic crown is an excellent choice for aesthetic reconstruction of the front teeth due to its color, translucency and ability to imitate the natural tooth.

Mobile prosthetics

If the creation of a fixed prosthetic appliance is not possible due to various factors, then we create a mobile prosthetic appliances or removable dentures.

Removable partial dentures are created when a certain number of teeth have been left in the patient's mouth. They can be made of acrylic with a wire clasp or can be reinforced with a metal skeleton and a cast clasp. Due to the unfavorable aesthetic impression left by metal clasps, we prefer the production of partial dentures connected with invisible joints instead of clasps to the remaining teeth.

Complete denture is created when all teeth are lost and it represents a cost-effective solution for replacing the lost teeth and bones of the alveolar ridge. Since a total prosthesis requires a longer adjustment to wear, it is increasingly being resorted to the use of dental implants as anchoring agents.